Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI)

This certification is for individuals who want to teach authorized Cisco courses. You must be sponsored or employed by a Cisco Learning Partner.

Candidates wishing to specialize in a particular area should look for Learning Partners who bear the designation of Cisco Learning Partner Specialized. Current architecture specializations includeCollaboration Specialization, Borderless Networks Specialization, Data Center Specialization and IP Next-Generation Network Specialization.

Earning and holding a CCSI is a lot like obtaining and maintaining an H-1 Visa for non-citizens who wish to work in the USA: it means developing and maintaining a good relationship with some CLP who will act as your sponsor, and who will work with you and Cisco to help you earn and maintain this certification. If you want to teach Cisco courses, this will be a necessary relationship to build and hold!


Certification Name

Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI)

Prerequisites/Required Courses

Required courses: Selected baseline technology exam and two-day instructor certification class

– Current employee of a Cisco Learning Partner (CLP) or be sponsored by a CLP
– Select a baseline technology, take the course and pass associated exam (passmark based on CCSI exam requirements)
– Pass the Instructor Certification Process (two-day evaluation
– Acknowledge the Cisco Certified Systems Instructor Agreement
– CLP submits and requests certification on candidate’s behalf

Recertification required if credential holders are inactive for one year

Number of Exams

Two or three exams depending on chosen baseline technology

Instructor Certification Program (ICP) exam, two days, including 7.5 hour hands-on lab exam

Cost per Exam

Cisco exams cost $250 to $300 USD

ICP exam costs vary by partner but are generally $1,500 to $2,000; many sponsors permit successful candidates to work off the exam fees by teaching instead of requiring cash payment

URL www.cisco.com/web/learning/wwlpc/clp_associate.html#~overview

Self-Study Materials

Sponsors generally offer student and instructor manuals for ICP coverage. Many sources for books, Exam Crams, practice exams, and so forth, are available for Cisco certs.

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