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About Us

Since 2015, we, at South Asia Against the Tide, a Paris-based coproduction company, are working along with male and female directors and artists from South Asia and Middle East, with one common aim: to shed light on their ways of making films and to allow them to exist on french screens.


Our deep knowledge of these regions allows us to offer our experience and skills so as to help you in the making of your cultural projects. SAATT doesn’t only foster access to independent and subversive cinematographic voices, it also supports and allows them to be heard by more people. We can adapt our methods to your will and need: SAATT is acting like a bridge between South Asia, Middle East and France, so as so provide a real space for advise and cooperation.


SAATT supports independent artists, companies, festivals and institutions. A service provider or executive producer, a member of CLARA BIS, young cultural entrepreneurs groups, we have the ability to provide you with multiple skills, no matter the kind of partnership, no matter the length, type (curating, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, subtitles etc), content and specificity of the projects and missions you wish to elaborate.

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Distributor relation

Némésis Srour

Director & Curator

Education & Pedagogy

Hélène Kessous

Director & Curator

What’s Next?

Festivals & Markets

  • LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL  –  03/08/2017 – 07/08/2017  – Open Doors



  • New Cinema Society  – Start on October at cinéma Écoles 21. To find out the new topic of this film society follow us on Instagram !


Under construction / Les Lauriers-roses rouges is in theater in France since June 7th


Rubaiyat Hossain



Language & Country

Bengali / Bangladesh

Running time

88 minutes


Under Construction is about a modern Muslim woman struggling to find herself in the sprawl of urban Bangladesh, where middle class actress Roya reconstructs a famous and politically minded play of Rabindranath Tagore for modern times, reclaiming her agency in the process.


Bangladesh, Sales Agent


“In Rubaiyat Hossain’s Under Construction, we see an examination of the theme of under construction as it applies to the city of Dhaka, as well as the gendered bodies of men and women.”

Awrup Sanyal / Dhaka Tribune

They trust us